There is a trend in the field of career counselling which focuses on making use of qualitative information for the purpose of planning one’s future. The Career Interest Profile (CIP) does just that in the form of a structured interview which provides valuable information to do so. It aims to identify career interests by being narrative in nature and a life-story supplement aids in determining main interests so that the best possible career can be decided on.

“Given that few decisions in life are as important as the choice of career, it is essential to take every conceivable step to assess those factors that predict success in a career as best we can” – Prof Kobus Maree

While this webinar will focus on both the theory and development of the MCM, a case study will also be included to illustrate basic application principles of the tool in order to facilitate better understanding of its use.”

Kobus Maree is a Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Pretoria and Registrar of the South African Career Development Association. His main research interests focus on career construction (counselling), life design (counselling), emotional-social intelligence and social responsibility, and learning facilitation in mathematics.

He is the founding editor of the African Journal of Career Development. Past editor of the South African Journal of Psychology, managing editor of Gifted Education International and regional editor for Southern Africa: Early Child Development and Care.

Prof Maree is a member of several national and international bodies, including the Society for Vocational Psychology, the International Association of Applied Psychology, the Psychological Society of South Africa (SA), and the Association of Science of South Africa. He has a B1 rating from the National Research Foundation.

The African Journal of Career Development (AJCD) has been accepted into the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) (see the journal here ) .

Prof. Maree has been invited to present the following two workshops at the ICP2020, Prague, 2021-07-18-24:
  • i. How to Draw on ‘Stories’ and ‘Scores’ to Facilitate Career Construction Counselling to Individuals and in Group Contexts, and
  • ii. How to Integrate the Outcomes of the Career Interest Profile and the Maree Career Matrix: Practical Exercise

International Congress of Psychology

Prof. Maree has been invited to read a keynote at the International Congress of Psychology to be held in Prague, Czechia, in July 2021.
This important event on the Psychology calendar only takes place once every four years.

Coping with exams during a pandemic


Prof Kobus Maree of the Department of Educational Psychology offers lecturers advice on how to check in on their emotions during exam time in the midst of all the challenges brought about by COVID-19.

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The CIP assessment is now officially live on the JvR Online system

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JvR CPD courses
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Degree, diploma, or certificate which of these qualifications offers the students their ‘best’ chance in the occupational world? 

Prof Maree receives the PsySSA Award for Fellowship 2017

This prize is awarded in recognition of a significant contribution to psychological science by a current or past scholar or team of scholars.

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Prof Maree has been appointed as Professor Extraordinaire

Prof Maree has been appointed as Professor Extraordinaire in the Faculty of Education, University of Stellenbosh.

Call for Manuscripts for a Special Issue of the African Journal of Career Development (AJCD) (2021)

Theme: Promoting career development: Managing challenges and exploiting opportunities associated with the Covid-19 pandemic

The Editor-in-Chief of the African Journal of Career Development (AJCD) invites you to submit your latest research towards the latest special issue.

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The second Biennial South African Congress of Career Practitioners (March 2021):

“Operation Phoenix: A call for community first”

Prof. Maree was awarded the Psychological Association of SA Lifetime Award

Prof. Maree was awarded the Psychological Association of SA Lifetime Award in recognition of a person that has dedicated his life to Psychology in South Africa at the Pan African Psychology Congress in Durban on 19 September 2017

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NRF logo
Prof Maree has received B1 NRF rating valid from 1 January 2017.

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The Conversation
The article 'Why career counselling is more valuable now than ever before' has been published on The Conversation.

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