Prof Maree will take part in the upcoming 8th World Conference on Psychology, Counseling and Guidance at the Grand Park Lara Convention Center, Lara – Antalya, Turkey on the 28-30 April 2017.

Prof Maree’s keynote for the conference :

Keynote Title : “Ugly duckling or beautiful swan? Reflections on a classic framework for ‘change’ counselling”

Abstract : This paper discusses far-reaching work-related changes that have taken place globally over the past few decades and explains how these changes have influenced the world of the work and workers. It highlights the situation of people living in developing countries in particular, including how (career) counseling theory and intervention are still predominantly characterized by a predominantly “positivist” (quantitative, ‘test-and-tell’) approach. This approach is largely based on Western principles that do not cater adequately for the unique needs and nature of the various other cultures. Narrative, storied or qualitative (or integrated, qualitative+quantitative) approaches and interventions that aim to promote narrative identity, narratability, autobiographicity, and a narrative identity (advocated by e.g. Hartung, McAdams and Savickas) that “integrates the reconstructed past, experienced present, and imagined future” are often still regarded as the classic homely bird born in a barnyard (Hans Anderson’s ‘Ugly Duckling) in (career counselling) and are rarely applied. While novel, ‘change’ counselling approaches (life design counseling for career construction in particular) have to a large extent been accepted and followed in North America and Western Europe, they are to a large extent unknown elsewhere in the world.

A counselling for change model for developing country contexts that offers hope is proposed. I then discuss the theoretical and conceptual framework for life design counseling and its potential for promoting ‘change counselling’, advancing career adaptability and resilience, employability, and accessing sustainable, decent work. I discuss two research projects (work-in-progress) and examine how career choice making, career adaptability, (career) resilience, and a sense of self-improvement and (narrative) identity (formation) can be promoted and used to help people become employable and gain access to decent work. The paper concludes that exhibiting ‘change’ orientation, innovativeness and the ability to generate ideas continually, reinvent “outdated” ideas, and deal with “stuckness” represent the Beautiful Swan that can help people overcome obstacles in their career-lives. Ultimately, this approach advances Goal 8 of the UN Agenda, namely “Promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.”

Workshop description:

Getting published in high impact scholarly journals: Why and how?

Aim of the workshop: The aim of this workshop is to assist participants on their exciting journey towards get published in high impact scholarly journals. Participants attending this workshop should ask themselves why they wish to publish (e.g. recognition, pushing the boundaries of knowledge, testing the water or challenging certain conventions). They will be guided briefly through the steps in preparing manuscripts for submission, including the basic steps in writing scholarly articles, establishing a group of critical readers, testing drafts in other forums (for example, conferences and seminars), submitting manuscripts to language editors, studying and adhering to journals’ author guidelines, contacting the editor, and responding to reviewer feedback.

Expected outcomes: By the end of the workshop, participants should be able to
1.    clarify their own reasons for engaging in academic writing and publication,
2.    recognise and resolve issues that influence their scholarly writing negatively,
3.    advance their article writing skills,
4.    grasp the ethics in article writing,
5.    understand how to deal with feedback (and why manuscripts get rejected), and
6.    publish at least one article in a high impact journal within 12 months of the workshop.
The presenter will address some common queries, mistakes and anxieties that plague authors (early career professionals in particular), and provide a forum for participants to seek advice, either in general terms, or on their specific works and intended publications. It is envisaged that this will be an interactive process filled with hands-on writing experiences and lively discussion of the challenges in scholarly writing.

Prof. Maree has been appointed as a Research Fellow in the Dept. of Industrial Psychology (University of the Free State) (2020-01-01 to 2022-12-31).

Prof. Maree has been invited to present the following two workshops at the ICP2020, Prague, 2020-07-18-24:
  • i. How to Draw on ‘Stories’ and ‘Scores’ to Facilitate Career Construction Counselling to Individuals and in Group Contexts, and
  • ii. How to Integrate the Outcomes of the Career Interest Profile and the Maree Career Matrix: Practical Exercise

International Congress of Psychology

Prof. Maree has been invited to read a keynote at the International Congress of Psychology to be held in Prague, Czechia, in July 2020.
This important event on the Psychology calendar only takes place once every four years.

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The CIP assessment is now officially live on the JvR Online system

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Call for Proposals for Special International Issue of British Journal of Guidance and Counselling

Happiness and Well-Being

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Call for Manuscripts: Special issue of British Journal of Guidance and
Counselling (BJGC) 2019-2020

Revitalising career counselling to help workers re-design their career-lives and
find sustainable, decent work

Guest editors: Jacobus Gideon (Kobus) Maree (University of Pretoria) & Maria
Eduarda Duarte (University of Lisbon)

Click for more info : PDF

Vastfontein Community Transformation

Vastfontein Community Transformation will start building a secondary school in January 2018

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Prof Maree receives the PsySSA Award for Fellowship 2017

This prize is awarded in recognition of a significant contribution to psychological science by a current or past scholar or team of scholars.

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Prof Maree has been appointed as Professor Extraordinaire

Prof Maree has been appointed as Professor Extraordinaire in the Faculty of Education, University of Stellenbosh.

SAJHE – Call for manuscripts: Special Section

Responding to changes in today’s uncertain world of work marked by a loss of work-life identity: advancing career counselling for life designing in institutions of higher learning –
Guest Editor Prof JG (Kobus) Maree (UP)

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Call for papers – ‘Post-modernising guidance and counselling: decent work and successful career-lives?’

International Symposium Series
Board Update
19 September 2017
Prepared by: Deirdre Hughes & Frans Meijers (Co-editors)

Special Issues in Progress

Post-modernising guidance and counselling: decent work and successful career-lives?’
Co-editors: Prof. Kobus Maree (South Africa) and Prof. Maria Duarte (Portugal)

A call for papers is written but not yet distributed.
Expected date for publication: Vol. 48, No. 1, 2020

Prof. Maree was awarded the Psychological Association of SA Lifetime Award

Prof. Maree was awarded the Psychological Association of SA Lifetime Award in recognition of a person that has dedicated his life to Psychology in South Africa at the Pan African Psychology Congress in Durban on 19 September 2017

PPS Bursary for Students of Rare (and Critical) Subjects

PPS bursary is designed to help (financially) struggling students who want to continue their study in Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, and Science.

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Career Guidance Resources, Occupation & Study Information, Financial Aid

Exciting opportunity to obtain funding for your studies:

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Carlos Mhlanga earning a copy of one of Prof Maree’s publications

Carlos Mhlanga
Carlos Mhlanga earning a copy of one of Prof Maree’s publications

Career counseling workshop in Hazyview

Prof Maree recently conducted a career counseling workshop with ten Good Work Foundation (GWF) students at Hazyview Digital Learning Campus (HDLC).
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Kommentaar oor matriekuitslae - Comments about matric results

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Counselling on career options choice

"Leerlinge moet beter presteer in Wiskunde, Wetenskap"

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Prof Maree has received B1 NRF rating valid from 1 January 2017.

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